Friday, September 26, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Bill Clinton demonstrates why he succeeded in politics. He understands voters. His explanation of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s popularity — her family, including the children, a husband who stayed in the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, going 500 miles with a broken arm. “Why say, ever, anything bad about a person? Why don’t we … just say that she was a good choice for him and we disagree with them?”
Even people who like Bill Clinton are getting tired of Bill Clinton. But isn't it funny how the people who blame every problem of the last 8 years on the big dog (could've caught Bin Laden, caused the recession, now caused the mortgage crisis, etc.) suddenly embrace his candor and honesty?

Meanwhile, after the trainwreck Katie Couric interview, another conservative wonders what the hell McCain was thinking. Are you simply getting deaf from the echoes in your chamber, Jim?
Why not to fly with famous people — or even the niche famous. You become the fine print. Two pilots and two passengers died in a South Carolina plane crash. Headline: “Performers hurt in fatal jet crash.” The celebrities were the former drummer for Blink-182 and a disc jockey.
Copy editor Jim returns! Jim, do you ever worry the the headline writers will one day just wander over and beat the hell out of you?

You know I make a lot of fun of Copy Editor Jim but I do not want to gloss over a more serious point. Jim's continued insistence on criticizing his own coworkers efforts is actually a carefully thought out strategy the right has used for years - you can't trust the press because they are obsessed with celebrity to the detriment of the common man. So, in a time where his own coworkers are being shown the door, Wooten fancies himself some half-ass ombudsmen here to save us all from the elitist copy editor probably making about 30K a year. And that's really not very funny at all.
Requiring specially-refined designer gas for the 45 counties in Metro Atlanta, even when pumps are running dry is not a government that serves us. It’s one that toys with us, intentionally inflicting pain on motorists. The federal Environmental Protection Agency yielded to pleas for relief from Gov. Sonny Perdue, but it should be automatic whenever a hurricane is headed toward refineries.
The irony meter just broke.

Designer gas? Where do I buy this special gas that turns my midsize into a blinged out sex machine? Actually, our fancy gas is "designed" to contain detergents so that during the summer months the layers of smog caused by the bajillion cars on our ever expanding road net do not smother us all.

As far as Governor Perdue's pleas, why didn't he make the request before last week? Surely he could also see the impending crisis as Ike loomed off the coast of Texas. Or is outrage over a Governor's dawdling with requests for Federal assistance while disaster lurks limited to Democrats who run Louisiana?
Think health insurance is unaffordable now? Wait until businesses are required to provide the same level of coverage for mental health as they do for physical. That was part of a massive tax bill the Senate passed 93-2 this week.
93-2. Hmmmmm. Methinks there might have been a few Republicans in that bunch.
John McCain afraid to debate Barack Obama? You’re kidding, right? Remember Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church forum and Obama’s declaration that questions about when a living being acquires human rights are above his pay grade? Obama off TelePrompTer is an uh and ah, off-message journey into trouble.
It seems some forget Obama "uhhhed" and "ahhhed" his way through multiple debates in the primaries. But no, let's focus on one muddled answer given in a evangelical mega-church. Or we could just return to discussing the high flying oratory of one Sarah Palin.



Amber Rhea said...

Yeah, that pesky mental health, it's not REALLY important!

Thanks for perpetuating the same old ignorant stereotypes and stigma, Jim. Not that I'm surprised. Written as someone who has never dealt with mental illness.

rptrcub said...

Jim, do you really want this bipolar enraged Demrat Libtard who works within a 2-mile radius of Marietta Street hovel unmedicated or unevaluated? I don't think so.

Wes said...

Wow. That Wooten fella really does suffer from weapons-grade stupid, doesn't he?

(actually, we suffer from his stupid.)


Rusty said...

I like the phrase "weapons-grade stupid" and plan to steal it for use in my own drunken soliloquies. Hope you don't mind Wes.

Wes said...

Rusty, in the words of Nathaniel Hawthorne, "go nuts, Chester." Use what you will.


Unknown said...

"weapons grade stupid" has been officially added to my catch phrase inventory.