Wednesday, September 03, 2008


4 sitting Vice Presidents have on their own been elected to office. That's less than 10 percent.

9 sitting Vice Presidents have been thrust into office because of death or resignation of the current President. That's over 20 percent.

Yet, for some reason, we obsess about potential running mates as inheritors of the office 8 years later instead of more immediately.

This is what we should be talking about instead of all this other mess. We are told that McCain would make a better executive yet we are told to not consider his first swipe at the decision making process every executive of every business in the world has to consider - the ability of a potential successor. Really.

I'll be on Wilson's show in the morning. Wonder what we are going to talk about.

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Anonymous said...

You got it! I am sitting here listening to the Republican Convention. There are two things I miss when it comes to this convention: (1) A full house, maybe even an overflowing house (where are these people?) and (2) delegates on their feet yelling and screaming (these people to think "celebrating" begins with eyes open!)

I realize that I have been transported to another world. (Mario Bros.?) These speakers are talking about the mortgage crisis and high fuel and oil dependence as if someone else has been in charge of the government for 7 damn years.

Can you believe Romney said that a Supreme Court that gives rights to detainees at Guatanimo is liberal? Seconds later he stated something like he wanted a Court that protects American freedoms?

The disconnect with the Republicans is mind boggling until you think about it and then it is just damn scarry.

See you in the morning, dude! I plan to be in a stupor. Slap me hard.