Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reindeer Games

The stupid. It burns.

Unlike Left on Lanier, I have yet to hear any cries of "liberal bias" over the coverage of the public Democratic Rally in Gainesville last Saturday while ignoring some private Republican fundraiser, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Let me explain a few things to our more soft headed friends.

I'm betting most media outlets have a policy against covering private fundraising events. I certainly do. Why? Because they usually require a donation and giving any money creates the impression of support. Also, because usually there ain't a lot of news. Unless a candidate gets drunk and does a strip tease on the bar, all the news from a fundraiser can easily be found in one of the myriad press releases we all receive.

Putting aside the differing nature of the two events, one other truth the whiners of liberal bias oppression routinely ignore is the "man bites dog" rule. Now, you, my gentle readers, tell me which is human gnawing canine and which is not - Democrats stage a rally in Republican stronghold of Hall County or Republicans hold a private event in Republican stronghold of Hall County.

As Left on Lanier points out, all this is easily corrected. Invite some people. I'm non-partisan and have asked repeatedly to be invited to some of the secretive elephant meetings but am routinely ignored. The Republicans in this state are so secretive, I've compared them to the pledge scene in Animal House complete with candles, paddles and thank you sir may I have another. The Democrats on the other hand invite me to everything - even when they know it will be a goat rodeo and I may not present them in the most kind fashion, bless their hearts.

There. Now that some of the soft heads know how things work maybe we can avoid some of these misunderstandings in the future.

However, since that would eliminate a favorite Republican whine. Maybe not.


Amber Rhea said...

"secretive elephant meetings"


Cotter Pen said...

Don't look a gift elephant in the mouth.