Friday, February 06, 2009

People It's Bad

Sen. Tommie Williams has reported revenue for January was down over 14%.

We are to the point where the Republican leadership has decided to stretch the session to see what happens in Washingston.

On a personal note, I picked a helluva time to start a new feature.


Jen said...

Sunday alcohol sales!

Marijuana everyday sales!

These are things that would generate revenue. And lots.

Rusty said...

Let all non-dealing drug offenders out of jail now.

Jen said...


I also think this is generally a problem with the smaller counties because larger ones recognize that users are not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Alan Peake has an interesting bill to do with collecting more sales taxes than we usually do. This bill is like the one in Alabama, and could generate a billion more dollars with out raising anything thing, but enforcing collections.

Sometimes there are simpler solutions than HR1 and HB143.