Thursday, June 25, 2009

Continuing The Conversation

Friday approaches and I seem to be focused on the traditional/new media convergence.

Leonard Pitts (without a doubt one of the best columnists in the country) of the Miami Herald tackles the new media phenomenon in Iran and nails the realistic view.
This is not to say that social-networking media have not been guilty of dumbing down the discourse. But it is to admit the obvious lesson of recent days: They can facilitate higher purposes as well. For this reality, the cause of human freedom can be grateful.
Take the time to read the whole article. It is well worth it.

On the local front, JMac has an interesting coda to my previous story on appropriate credit for new media writers.
Lee Becker conducted an informal study of how Oconee County residents gather their information, and he noted that seven percent of them mentioned alternative online sources (i.e. blogs). He put a lot of work into it, and it's an interesting read that I recommend
I'm pretty proud that my Becker piece generated such a lively and shockingly productive debate. If you skipped the comments the first time, go back and re-read them. Even ABH Editor Jim Thompson stopped by to drop a few pearls of wisdom.

The conversation continues. Next stop, tomorrow afternoon.

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Jim Thompson said...

Just to make the record complete, while I am an editor at the Banner-Herald, my sole responsibility is for the editorial pages.