Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Weirdness For The Day

The strange saga of Rep. Tim Bearden and the city of Carrolton has simmered all day.

The quick summary is the hyperlocal sniffed out payments from the city to the local legislator for undefined services.

As is sometimes the case, the blog hit a stone wall with city officials unwilling to go on the record. Enter Creative Loafing, who talked to the city manager and was rewarded with this bit of weirdness.
He said Bearden often leads programs and initiatives and assists with some matters “you can’t talk about.” Coleman elaborated on the statement about Carroll County black ops missions, saying many of those efforts, for legal reasons, are not open to public records.
Black ops missions? Are they conducting Psy-Ops against Anniston in preparation for our invasion of Alabama?

Good to see Georgia politics getting back to the backwoods bizarre that is the norm.


Sara said...

You have to be pretty freaking dumb to claim that some west Georgia town P.D. is doing "black ops." That might be the most hilarious lie I've ever heard.

And even if they were doing some sort of crazy spy stuff, that still doesn't explain why it required a state legislator to be paid nearly $100K to accomplish their missions.

Thomas Wheatley said...

I hope no one took the "black ops" quip too seriously. That was a joke on my part. I initially wrote "top-secret black-ops hush-hush" or something like that, but thought it was too jumbled and confusing.

The city manager did say some of Bearden's work involved some "undercover" work and other efforts that, for legal reasons, could not be discussed.

Sara said...

Dammit Thomas, you just ruined my day. It was way funnier when I thought the manager called it black ops.

Unknown said...

Why do I get the feeling that the "black ops" involve professional wrestling?