Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Linking! Oh! The Linking!

I would never quote a blogger. ~GPB's Susanne Capaluto - June 7, 2007

...without the mainstream media, what are bloggers going to link to? ~ATLMalcontent (handle for a local print journalist) -March 15, 2009

Earlier this afternoon, the AJC linked directly to a TMZ story about Chastity Bono's transition from woman to man.

Tonight, the original link is gone, replaced by a link to AJC sister site Access Atlanta's story on the subject. Actually it's a link to the Access Atlanta story which is a copy of the Associated Press story.*


Gonna have to think for a while about those in the traditional media who judge my ethics.


Okay. Done.

*Yes, I know the AJC pays for access to AP stories. Please don't think I need that explained for the 100th time


Anonymous said...

an AP story that was probably written based on a TMZ post

lazermike said...

I guess I don't really see what the issue is here. Is there any doubt that TMZ is part of the mainstream media and a source of original reporting? They have a TV show.

griftdrift said...

The issue here Mike is the "oh I'd never link to so and so" is not only tired but dead. It should be put to rest and never brought out again. But of course it will.

lazermike said...

But what does what Susanne Capaluto says have to do with what the AJC does?

And how did you know my real name?

griftdrift said...

Oh if I only I could see your face, I know it would have that shit eating grin.

Susanne (make sure you pronounce it right) is just one of the past benchmarks to show how the discussion is progressing. I think its worthy to note that we had a journalist in this town who swore she would never quote a blogger and now we have the major print media outlet pointing straight to TMZ. Progress of a sort. Interesting to discuss if it's good progress.

lazermike said...

Oh, progress, not hypocricy. Then I'm OK.

But I still think TMZ isn't the best example, since it's really just another news source at this point. If the ajc linked to, now that'd be something.

griftdrift said...

Poor Atlanta Delivery Driver. It had a short sweet life. So many ideas - so little time.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Isn't ascribing the thought process behind Ms. Capulto's statement to the AJC's online shop kind of like painting all bloggers with one broad brush?

Don't let the chip on your shoulder tilt your head.