Friday, June 26, 2009

My Morning Wooten

Here we go. And we've got some real doozies today.
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor resigns from an exclusive all-women’s club after some grumpy men raised questions about whether the membership’s appropriate for a Supreme Court justice. Her explanation, once commonplace among members of clubs that excluded minorities, was that to her knowledge no man had applied. And had any man meeting qualifications been at the club’s mobile admissions office in Hahira, Ga., at 2:16 a.m. on Dec. 25, 2006, when it was accepting applications from males, he would surely have been allowed in.
What was also commonplace of members of clubs that excluded minorities was when confronted, they'd roll on the floor, red-faced, screaming about rights of association, government interfering in private entities and tradition - until they faced the political reality that they would lose and then wiped their snot covered faces and muttered, 'okay'. Bottom line is it is just twisting the Jims of the world into knots that the Sotomayor nomination is going to breeze through confirmation with barely a blip.
Voting, ACORN and Georgia graveyard style, in Iran: The number of votes in 50 cities exceeded the number of eligibles by 3 million. And while Fulton County is notorious for being unable to count ballots in a timely fashion, Iran counted 40 million paper ballots and report results within two hours of polls closing. By the way, President Barack Obama’s still searching for just the right soothing words to convince the Iranian regime to stop being mean. So far, no success — a real surprise.
Will there be a point where ACORN jokes become stale and tired? Can we arrive there sooner rather than later? If certain 'so called conservatives' continue to spin myths of ACORN spawning massive election fraud, then I will relegate them to the same niche as loon liberals who tell me they know where the stolen ballot boxes from the 2004 election are kept - meaning the only attention they deserve is a pat on their soft head.
After the collapse of the financial and banking industry, brought about by gimmicks like no-doc mortgages (no income or asset verification), red flags now go up when reading sentences such as these: “MARTA staff found the money to keep the last hour of rail service and the three bus sets by making an accounting change with the money they set aside for retirees’ medical benefits. By putting the money in a restricted account, [CEO Beverly] Scott said, MARTA can put aside less money without affecting money that eventually goes to the retirees.” If it ain’t real money, it ain’t real money — no matter which column you put numbers in.
I find it funny that certain people who have done nothing but craft words all their life will decry certain politician's lack of real world experience and then take their own ham-fists to the voodoo that is modern accounting. Then again - my humor threshold is pretty low.
What Were They Thinking? Contest: Winner, Mark Sanford. First runner-up, the mama and wife of a Cobb man accused of taking a 12-year-old to a motel for sex, a statutory rape offense, are arrested for allegedly intervening with the victim on his behalf.
I propose an honorable mention for What Were They Thinking: Jim Wooten for his knee-jerk defense of Mark Sanford and excoriation of his own colleagues. Strange that we hear not a peep from Jim on how his thesis fell apart in less then 24 hours. Jason Pye, who I also mentioned in that edition of My Morning Wooten, showed the grace of true accountability by publicly admitting he had been fooled. Wooten on the other hand seems to follow the "so called conservative" mantra of "I'm right no matter what".
Crowds headed to a Braves game and a soccer match between Mexico and Venezuela at the Georgia Dome clogged the always-trouble Downtown Connector for miles up I-75, I-85 and Ga. 400. Fix it. Find a private-sector company to double-deck the Downtown Connector. Make both toll roads.
When a co-worker (usually from sales) makes an absurd proposal, my typical response is "sorry, my magic wand is broken today". Putting aside for the moment that Jim's only solution for transportation issues is more pavement, note how the private sector magic wand is used. Somehow, the pixie dust of no government involvement will allow a 27 mile long, multi-lane, double-decker highway, through a major downtown corridor to be built so quickly and efficiently, the population will hardly notice. And once the monster is complete, we will be so overwhelmed with gratitude, we will gladly lay hosannahs at every toll booth along the way.

And people think I'm stoned.

Good lord. Let's just move on to the weekend as quickly as possible.



Unknown said...

I bet Fulton County could count votes pretty fast too if we only had to be within ± 3 million.

Sara said...

Jim sort of admitted what was behind his knee jerk defense of Sanford when he told the story of how they met and that he was on Sanford's Christmas card list. He was defending a buddy.

This hack can't retire fast enough for me. That first comment over at the AJC site says it all.

MTHEORY said...

I can't be counted as a right-wing troll if I agree with you, can I?


Doug said...

I would not be surprised if the vote count in Iran was completely accurate, but the election was still stolen before it even started, since only candidates approved by a board selected by the supreme leader are eligible to be on the ballot in the first place.

Iran is ripe for revolution and it is sad that a large number of people have to put themselves in harms way to try to get what all of mankind is entitled to, liberty.

On Sanford, it is disgusting the way so called conservatives are willing to defend this guy. Change his name to John Edwards and suddenly they are not so accepting.

rptrcub said...

As I've said on the Loaf, the double decker connector is so many flavors of teh Fail that I can't even begin to imagine the mental processes Wootie used to come up with that mentalpoop-abortion.

They Call me Thunder said...

"Iran counted 40 million paper ballots and report results within two hours of polls closing"

If I were you, I would have started and ended the post with that. I mean seriously? He's citing a clearly (for all intents and purposes) fraudulent election to prove how Fulton County gets it wrong?

I swear to god and every deity ever, there aren't enough Picard Facepalms for that.