Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Sotomayor Project: An Update

Guns are complicated. I've always known 2nd Amendment issues are far more complicated than the inflammatory rhetoric spewed forth by the gun nuts and gun control nuts.

But everything proceeded according to plan. Then, the 7th Circuit got involved.


The project will proceed but as is my manner, I refuse to show only half my ass. So, I'm currently discussing the finer points of incorporation, supremacy and stare decisis with one of my trusted Constitutional scholars.

The result will come - maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Hey. If the Senate can take a couple of months to pore through this crap, I think should get a couple of days.


Pokerista said...

decrisis...freudian slip? ;-)

griftdrift said...



Gray said...

"one of my trusted Constitutional scholars".

Wow. you have several? :)