Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gonzo Townhall

It is a tradition at Drifting Through The Grift that when your humble scribe stumbles out into the real world to report a story, he publishes an unfiltered version of his notes. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of how the "crafted" story was formed. As well as possibly some amusements.

My notes from Hank Johnson's Healthcare Townhall are extensive, so this time we'll just have to pull the tastiest morsels.

*Yellow truck with sign "Bush-Obama Economic Dumbasses"

*Police informing no signs, no cameras, no backpacks

*Oxendine campaign handing out flyers

* Free Speech Zone sign blows over

*Sign - "The Govt Could Not Run A Used Car Sale How Are They Going To Know When To Take Out My Gall Bladder"

*Cynthia McKinney hat wearing guy yelling at sign toters

*The number of flyers is incredible

*Two groups screaming yes and no at each other

*Woman screams "Thank you Hank Johnson"

*First cheering and booing. Pretty mild though

*Restlessness in the crowd. Rumbling of approval on certain points

*Someone yells "We're already doomed"

*Johnson calms the crowd again

*This is kind of boring

*Dr. Kellerman - "One procedure that should never be performed in an E.R. is a wallet biopsy"

*Most of the panelists are presenting a moderate message. Hank Johnson defused the thing by presenting a moderate message.

*An honest to god conservative!

*The liberals are hissing. It's getting a little ugly.

*Question time!

*Said not pay any money. People go a little crazy. Shouting

*Got to point to the baby. Man uses baby as prop

*Deficit neutral brings laughs. A few catcalls but pretty polite

*Johnson won't guarantee another town hall before the vote brings the strongest reaction. People shushing each other

*Crowd gets really rowdy. Hank just keeps going

*Guy screams from the audience. Police move in. Asks about article "general welfare". Couple escorted out. Third guy escorted out.

*"You're not Cynthia McKinney which is way cool".

*Girls with tape over their mouth. Cops not doing anything. Cops moving them on.

*Bill Greene

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