Monday, August 24, 2009

It Begins

If you didn't follow one of the links in my previous post, I encourage you to follow this one to the absurd essay at SWGA Politics comparing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans to the effects of Hurricane Iniki on the set of Jurassic Park.
These people were either so delusional or so beaten down by their own government that they thought it was the government’s job to save them! Rather than taking action on their own to get themselves OUT of the situation they found themselves in, they sat there and waited to be “rescued” by the government!
Usually, SWGA Politics has fine content - particularly when reporting about Albany local politics. However, it is not immune from occasional forays into true madness. This is one of those times.

The channel dredging begins.


Rusty said...

Maybe FEMA has Obama's birth certificate!

Unknown said...

delusional for thinking people should take care of themselves?

Interesting indeed, my independent friend.

griftdrift said...

I think it's pretty obvious which part I think is madness.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

All birth certificates are being stockpiled in FEMA concentration camps. I saw boxes full of 'em piled floor to ceiling last time I was in. If you need yours, send me a Tweet soon as the Blackhawk will be here to pick me up momentarily.

Jen said...

I left a comment on that post the first time you linked to it and it looks like it was deleted.

I actually rode out Hurricane Iniki in a bunker on a Navy base. And btw, does he realize you can't exactly fly out of Honolulu on the cheap when the hurricane's path is finalized?

Sara said...

Jeff, you're delusional for thinking people *could* just magically take care of themselves in that particular situation.

Bit of a difference.

DaleC said...

That guy is a tool.

Pretty damning coming from me :-o

Dave Bearse said...

Based on the actual SWGA post and comments there it seems so simple. These people of little means should have used a credit card or got a payday loan to rent a car and leave ahead of the storm. If unnecessary if it turned out the storm wasn't all that bad, the hasty departure would have made a fine vacation.

And why didn't those people then caught there after the storm simply go on line and check up to date aerial photographs to see a ay out? It would only be a few miles walk with the kids, and if the photographs were wrong they could check updated photos and continue walking.