Monday, August 03, 2009

What I Miss

While some of us were cutting grass in the hot south Georgia sun, strange tales of politics still swirled in Georgia

-Andre was kicked off the front page of Peach Pundit...again. His sin this time was the use of profanity. His potty mouthed tirade consisted of one naughty word contained in a quote by Peach Pundit publisher Erick Erickson - a quote Erick won't retract and proclaims pride in having said. Failing to disclose payment for praising articles will get you temporarily banned, reporting false stories will not get you banned at all, but quoting the foul slander of your publisher will get you banned toot sweet. These are the editorial standards of Peach Pundit.

-Speaking of Erick and his merry men, RedState endorsed Karen Handel for Governor of Georgia. Three things: 1. So much for the "moderate" Republican. This may hurt her with independents. It will certainly hurt her with a certain constituency of one. 2. Given RedState has also endorsed the soon to be trounced Marco Rubio in Florida, this may not be a blessing. 3. We can finally put to rest questions about Erick Erickson being a shill for campaigns (since sarcasm doesn't always translate to the internet, just imagine it dripping here).

-Nathan Deal is a birther...sort of. While the candidate doesn't flat out state he believes President Obama was born in Kenya, his mush mouth response to the question is akin to responding "we should look at all possibilities" when asked about creationism. It's funny how the party of strength and courage and morals skitters and jumps at the appearance of a shadow from the nearest loon.

-Democrats are not happy with John Barrow being....John Barrow.

What else happened?


Rusty said...

What greater indictment is there of Peach Pundit now than Andre actually being in the right in one of these manufactured dramas?

Icarus said...

Convicted? No, never convicted.

Jmac said...

I thought me calling Barrow a coward would get more attention, but I should never underestimate the ability of Peach Pundit to surpass me due to its sheer absurdity of being.

Sid Cottingham said...

A footnote to Rusty's comment. Regardless of how and why it happened, the postman always knocks twice.