Friday, August 21, 2009

I Don't Know

Most of my writing process is internal. I outline and edit and re-edit over and over in my mind. The process allows me to jackhammer the keys and spew forth a thousand words in minutes.

I've been processing something for the past two days and still have not "published". Doug once told me that when you have a block it is because you are fighting with yourself about something. Wise words from a seasoned writer to a slightly less seasoned writer.

And the thing that I am fighting against is the conclusion of this embryonic piece.

I cannot avoid the fact that I was wrong.

I will leave the madness behind and retreat to the place where simplicity usually provides clarity.

When I return, hopefully, the piece will write itself and a decision will be made.

Until then, I don't know.

1 comment:

Icarus said...

If I have writers block, I usually just assume it's because I'm sober. And then I fix that.