Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not Quite

Erick's latest headline:

In Which Griftdrift and I Agree

Well. Not quite.

But before we get into that, note the classic campaign spin - we've been at odds lately but look! I've found something we agree on so we're really not that far apart! Then the fait accompli - shut off comments so your drafted ally can't disagree. It is classic political disinformation perfected by the Rovian "win at all cost" drones over the last 10 years.

The fact is Erick and I have agreed on nothing since the election. From his attempt to bring the witches hammer to Georgia to his rumor mongering about Florida Governor Charlie Crist to his vile slander against a sitting Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Erick has crossed the dividing line on my political map from the territory of grudging respect to the land of egomanical weasels who will say anything for more fame and money. It's not hard to guess who else inhabits this land.

But back to the birthers.

Where I agree with Erick is the entire episode is ridiculous, but it is important to note the parts that he carefully, in full blown weaselness, leaves out.

Never does Erick say people like Josep Farah and Orly Taitz are ridiculous. Never does Erick say that statements such as G. Gordon Liddy's that President Obama is an "illegal alien" are ridiculous. Even as these so-called birthers become squirrelier than an oak tree full of acorns, Erick Erickson does not call these people out as the loons they absolutely are.

Erick Erickson will only go as far as describing the situation as "ridiculous" and a "waste of time". In other words, it doesn't further the agenda or have a chance at success, therefore it must be put aside. It is a subtlety which would make Bill Clinton blush.

One day, Erick and I may agree again - probably on some local issue where the brain of the man temporarily ousts the limbic silliness of the weasel - but for now, the best we can do is "not quite".

Video found on Left On Lanier


Rusty said...

I anticipate fireworks at the homestead over Thanksgiving or Christmas when a certain dumbshit relative of mine inevitably tries to pass birther theory off as fact, probably with a Vince Foster fairy tale and an illegal immigrant rant sprinkled in somewhere for good measure. I can't even pretend to humor these people. They're fucking idiots.

Jen said...

That reporter should have let her finish. Give her enough rope to hang herself. Though, I get her point - anyone can put a birth announcement in the paper.

Sara said...

Jen, in Hawaii those announcements apparently came directly from the state department of vital statistics. They were not placed by the Obama family directly.

What Taitz was saying is that the Obamas could have filed a false form with the state of Hawaii reporting a live birth there (presumably after somehow getting a baby without a passport back into the U.S.), thus causing the state department of vital statistics to include him in the list of birth announcements forwarded to the 2 newspapers. That's a different argument, and far less believable.


griftdrift said...

I blame the Lizard People

Sara said...

If Obama is a lizard person he's not eligible to be President...I think you're onto something!

nast said...

I'm sure if the parents were lizard people, they were just trying to have one of those "anchor babies" which are apparently all the rage. Little did they know how well it would work!

Icarus said...

If Rusty wants me to quit coming to Thanksgiving dinner, he should just say so.

Rusty said...

I can make my own potatoes Icarus!

Anonymous said...

odd that the birther atty in the video is said to be from Tel Aviv.

Sara said...

The thing that annoyed me most about Orly Taitz is that because people tend to focus on the crazy things she says, they tend to ignore the outright falsehoods due to lack of time.

First and foremost, the constitution only requires that the President be a "natural born citizen." Nowhere does it require that a child be born of two U.S. citizen parents, nor is this a requirement in order to be "natural born." In fact, a baby born to two non-U.S. citizens on U.S. soil is still a natural born citizen from birth. I know this because it happened in a case I worked on when two Israeli citizens came over here specifically so that their baby could be born on U.S. soil and have benefit of American citizenship, even though they were here on expired visas.

Taitz also claimed in that video that Ann Coulter wasn't a lawyer. Now y'all know I can't stand Coulter, but she had a pretty solid legal career before she decided to trade it all in to be a right wing psycho hosebeast.

(Meanwhile Taitz got her "law degree" online, and is a practicing dentist. Pot, kettle?)

The press needs to beat down EVERY false or crazy thing she says, not just the most salacious or amusing ones. Unfortunately, every time she says something on TV that goes unchallenged, at least a fraction of those watching assume it to be true.

Sara said...

Anon, she's from California. But she is a naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from Israel (but was raised in Moldavia.)

Anonymous said...

hmmm - Moldavia...

Jen said...

Y'all. Her is O RLY. I cannot take her seriously.


Sara said...

I swear, she is a made up character. A brilliant parody. If I saw her on SNL, I would think the portrayal was too over the top!

I noticed the O RLY thing earlier today and it made me giggle. But I really giggled when I saw that the other birthers think she's an Obama plant, and have sued her.

Ed said...

More proof that the main stream media is biased toward liberals.

How often did 9/11 Truthers get interview time on major news networks or even have sympathetic descriptions for their motivation of covering the "movement."

I'll tell you the answer and that is the media subscribes to the asinine American belief that somehow for some reason, the truth is in the middle and is ultimately fearful of having liberals on their networks because they still believe liberal is a dirty word when it is only liberalism's practitioners that are dirty.

OK so I kind of conflate two different things there. Sue me.