Friday, April 30, 2010

The Best Of The Drifts - Josh Lanier Enters The Senate Race

Originally published October 3, 2007

A New Name In The Georgia Senate Race

He's not a career politician but he knows politics.

Josh Lanier, 55, is a native of Statesboro although his career took him to Virginia over 30 years ago. A Vietnam Veteran, Lanier worked on the personal staff of Georgia Senator Herman Talmadge assisting the front line aides on the hottest issues of the day including Watergate and Vietnam. He returned to his native state one year ago and his name keeps popping up in interesting places.

Recently, it began surfacing in the already muddled race for the seat currently held by Senator Saxby Chambliss. Democratic Party of Georgia officials confirm that Lanier contacted the Atlanta headquarters expressing an interest in the contest but would comment no further, stating it was one of many calls speculating on candidates.

Lanier says he's not a person looking for a career in politics but is willing to step up if there is a need.

" I talked to [a party official] because I heard he had been asking questions", Lanier stated via telephone, "All my conversations have been what is the status of the race and what is the real need here".

Lanier is not rushing anything but admits to the possibility of a campaign,

"I have not made a decision to run yet, but I am kicking it around."

Lanier's name recognition may be low at this time, but just two years ago few people knew Jim Webb in Virginia. The potential of a knowledgeable neophyte running may make a Senate race considered by many to be a foregone conclusion, at the very least, a lot more fascinating.

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