Monday, April 05, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 28

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 28

* So far behind. But quitting is not an option.

* This episode is from 3-22. So let's do the time warp again.

* Susan's back! YAY!

* The House fails to pass the We Don't Want The Healthcare Thingie. It has to be a Constitutional Amendment and that means they need a few Democrats. We all know how this plays out.

* Scowling House clerks! The streak continues. They are extra scowly today.

* Calvin Smyre is in full bore preacher mode. "We got too much to do". "He actually slapped the lectern. I'm having a bad flashback to the Freewill Baptist Church of my youth.

* The Senate got in the act, too. Via their morning press conference. They are taking the money angle. In their own sober Senate way.

* The Beast Tape Machine is threatening to devour the piece. Even the demon possessed technology is sick of this argument.

* Bed Tax time. The Guv played hard and the hospital lobby crumpled. Susan is talking non-stop which means the tape machine is not cooperating again.

* Sen. Preston Smith is talking about how we need to do something with the providers of Medicaid. It's as if they want to talk about anything but the beast that lurks on the horizon - the budget.

* Pause for a moment. Seriously, the poor Lawmakers folks are covering unanimous bills on Day 28. Usually by this time we have some bonfire of controversy. But not this year. Everyone is avoiding anything heinous because they know the monetary beast lurks in the bushes. God bless the poor GPB folks. They do their best to make cardboard taste like fine cheese.

* Valarie at Hogwarts. Oh wait. She's not. It's just her voice over a tape. (There's foreshadowing here, but I can't talk about it now). The Republicans are at it again. Healthcare ain't enough, so they are trying to pass some probably unconstitutional thing to delay Cap and Trade. They even put a provision in demanding the Attorney General to sue if the Feds attempt to enforce it.

* Slow Poke Bill. There's a metaphor here somewhere. Or a homily. In a better writer's hand, there would be a skewering. In this lesser writer's hands, I prefer to continue to analyze the scowls of the House Clerks. They ain't happy.

* And to complete the anti-Fed trifecta, the Senate wants to compel unions to only use a secret ballot. Vincent Fort (D-Land of a Thousand Rants) is pointedly asking why the Republicans want to interfere with the actions of private business. Since we require a Constitutional Amendment, just like the others, the thing dies. What a useless minuet they dance.

* Some technical stuff about courts and contracts. Fascinating. Stick with me readers. We're going to get to crossover day soon. That's when the fireworks kind of fly. And that, my friends, is the lamest tease ever.

* Sen. David Shafer! He has been awfully quiet this session. He's talking about multi-year contracts for the DOT. Snooze.

* They want to codify some commission. The scowl of the clerks are no longer as fierce. Even they are defeated by the malaise of the day.

* They've moved over to the Supreme Court. The Robes took apart another part of the tort reform. This has upset Sen. Preston Smith (R-Claims To Know The Constitution). Republicans - for free markets, except when they're not.

* The Executive Director of Georgia Watch, a consumer advocate group, is Danny Orrock. Sen. Nan Orrock's son? Given the whole hippie groove, I'm guessin he's some relation.

* Preston Smith says he's read the opinion and believes it would require a Constitutional Amendment. Too bad the Chair of the Senate Judiciary couldn't figure that out TWO YEARS AGO. When they had a chance to actually pass it in that manner. Oh right. They didn't have the votes so they chose to play politics instead.

* Sen. David Adelman's last visit to the Senate well. He's just been confirmed as Ambassador to Singapore. Want to know how much I like Sen. Reasonable? Read this.

* More contractor mess. But this one involves illegal aliens, errr excuse me, undocumented workers. The DOL supports the bill but points out they ain't got no money to enfore it. Republicans don't seem to care.

* Oh, Adam Bridges. Young'un. Don't improvise. Nobody likes. God help me, I'm in a dreadful state. Now, I'm picking on the kids.

* Lawmakers Flashback! Oh it's the one they couldn't show the other night because of the demon tape machine. Speaker Murphy gittin it on with Earl Earhart. Speaker Murphy ruled his amendment not germane. The Speaker is saying even a first year law student should understand the difference between an excise tax and sales tax. SNAP! He's verbally smacking Earhart all around the chamber.

* Sen. Preston Smith again. He's the star of this very special episode of Lawmakers. He wants to use reserve funds, if available, to keep teachers from being furloughed. A Republican wanting to help teachers? Blow me down, I smell a little politicking.

* Ricky Bevington and her BOOK OF DOOM! The Supreme Court unanimously overturned the cap on damages. Nathan Deal resigns. Because he wants to run for governor. No mention of his scrap yard boondoogle. A spill on the Savannah River! That's your Revelation moment. They are trying to grow olives down in Pierce County. Now that's worth following up.

* Recess tomorrow night so no Lawmakers. And another chance for me to catch up. For now, that's a wrap!

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