Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 35

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 35

Originally aired on April 13, 2010

* Moving closer to the present.

* Susan is back on the set.

* 2011 budget passes out of the the House Appropriations committee. $17.8 billion. That's $5 billion less than the peak from three years ago. The House still has a problem with the insurance premium tax cut over in the Senate. Beardless Ben Harbin is explaining why.

* Harbin raises the specter of special session.

* The Macon county delegation figured out a way to use Macon hotel tax to support the Music Hall of Fame. They amended the hotel tax that supports the Georgia Dome. Sen. Cecil Staton is saying they are just as important to Macon as the bigger things in Atlanta.

* Blue alert passed the House. When somebody shoots a copy, it will be activated.

*Scowling House Clerks! The streak continues! Although Scowly Red was hiding.

* Of course, Bobby Franklin is against it. He thinks cops wouldn't wanted to be distracted from saving lives. What? He's so weird.

* Camera switch stuck. We got a little extra time of Nwandi blankly smiling into the camera.

* Something about bonds in the House. This gives Wendell Willard an opportunity to use his superpower "droning monotone" to put everyone to sleep. Even Scowly Red appears groggy.

* The Senate has to have its say in Oxendine's statement that he won't implement the Federal healthcare. Nan Orrock, I think she's setting a record for getting on camera, Steve Thompson is going to get jealous, is saying be very careful about how we choose our leaders.

* John Douglas, who hasn't been nearly as crazy this session, compares it to buying car insurance after you've had a wreck. He calls it a hare-brained scheme. Welcome back, ol' John.

* Sen. David Shafer, who has been nearly invisible this session, although that will soon change, is talking about some regulatory bill involving the cable companies.

* Transportation! Do we get shots of the Downtown Connector? Cue the b-roll! No b-roll? I've noticed there are far fewer shots out and about this season. More budget tightening?

* Jesse Jackson visited the Senate. Casey said he was honored to introduce him. Wonder if he took a shot of castor oil before saying that. This is about C-TRAN being shut down. A chance for some cheap publicity and Jesse Jackson shows up? Imagine that.

* Earnest Dan Weber! He's in a committee about charter schools. And he's literally towering over the committe. Dan knows these education issues inside out. Dan looks tired. He's threatened to retire before. I wonder if he's on the verge again.

* Lawmakers Flashback! Its the floor fight on the flag. Then Governor Barnes went to the extraordinary measure of addressing the House before the debate began. I understand what Roy was trying to do, but gawd, that was an ugly flag. Tom Murphy looks like he's gearing up for a war. They had scowling house clerks back then too! Lord, Austin Scott was young. He defended the new flag. He's been a man of principle from the very beginning.

* Ricky Bevington continues to be absent. She's out looking for more DOOM. Here's John Nelson again. Lake Lanier is close to reaching full pool. John is awfully perky.

* Tomorrow, the 2011 budget on the House floor. But for now, that's a wrap!

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