Monday, April 19, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 31

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 31

Originally aired March 30, 2010

* The long journey continues. They only have four days left and I am six behind. Can I catch up before they finish?

* Hospital tax. So much has happened since that time it almost seems pointless to cover this now. Poor Preston Smith. But more about that later.

* Shot of both Tom Baxter and Tom Crawford frantically scribbling. It's a Tom quinella!

* The House is holding the budget up while they figure this mess out. They are trying to tie the jobs bill with the hospital tax to make it more "palatable".

* Rep. Mark Hatfield's resolution to impeach AG Thurbert Baker. This went nowhere but it should be entertaining. Not only does he want him impeached but believes it will prevent him from running for governor.

* Susan's challenging Rep. Butt-Up-His-Rear pretty hard.

* Thurbert's hair makes an appearance. The hair doesn't appeared worried. It shouldn't be.

* Transportation and that means shots of the Downtown Connector and Valarie at Hogwarts? No Valarie. Hmmmmm. Insterad we get more of the Senate Republican Press Conference.

* Chyron says "Stays Alive". Cue the BeeGees.

* Another shot of reporters frantically scribbling. It's the only excitement on this day.

* Scowling House Clerks! The streak continues!

* Clarify school bus behavior. Blah blah blah. Scowly Red looks particularly put off today. It's been a long session.

* Mike Jacobs tried to attach his bullying bill. Trying to end around the cross over day rule. He was successful! But now it has to go back to the Senate.

* We lost the Race to the Top federal education funding program. And Democrat Kathy Ashe ain't too happy about it.

* Oh lord, it's the English only Drivers License bill. Sen. Jack Murphy, he who doesn't understand traffic signs come in different shapes and colors, is making his usual arguments. Ain't flying with liberal lion Nan Orrock. She's saying being an international city, it sends the wrong message.

* Looks like the sucker is going to pass. Welcome to Georgia, furrerners! Yeehaw!

* Senate wants to pass a resolution saying the Feds shouldn't pass cap and trade due to "science that has been called into question". Damn the scientists and the furrerners! Let's bring back the old flag, too. YEEHAW!

* Of course none of it is binding. What a waste of time.

* Interior designers and home builders are fighting. Someone call Tim Gunn to referee!

* This is some ridiculous clean up bill. Which means Steve Thompson (D-Loves The Camera) feels the need to say something useless.

* Poor murdered Nancy Shafer was memorialized on the Senate floor. She's being remembered by Sen. John Douglas. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

* Project Tom Crawford! He has found a shade of gray not known to man. And he's covered himself in it. The Army should hire Tom to design camoflauge as he is very adept at blending into the marble background.

* Milton County creation failed in the House on crossover day. That got lost in the wash.

* Jennifer Nettles was honored in the House and she's taking up the cause for 4-H. She's quite entertaining. She's from Coffee County? Didn't know that. I always thought she had a south Georgia accent.

* Lawmaker Flashback! Sen. Abernathy's censure over possessing weed! WHOO BOY! He was returning from Jamaica and they found it in his underwear. You just can't make this stuff up. Lots of talk of forgiveness and God. Hunter S. Thompson once said, "when they come for me and I start talking about God, you'll know they've really got me".

* Sen. Tommie Williams just can't let the abortion bill passed by the Senate go. And of course, he's tying it socialism. As in "as we move towards socialism". Nope. Not crazy at all.

* It was 911 Appreciation Day. Lara Fawaz has the story. Some young ginger headed boy is getting a medal. Young'uns that used 911 to save somebody's life.

* Ricky Bevington and her BOOK OF DOOM! Nathan Deal ain't happy about the release of his ethics report. Where there's smoke there's fire. Or in this case where there's garbage, there's a smell. Barrow County has a gang problem. In case you didn't know, Barrow is not inside the falling apart inside the perimeter of Atlanta.

* Tomorrow is an abbreviated legislative day in the Senate which means more filler! But for now, that's a wrap!

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