Thursday, March 30, 2006

Color Code Color Blind

Whatever happened to the color coded terror alerts?

Two years ago, we all watched morbidly as it bounced back and forth between yellow and orange, but sadly never mauve.

Were they the play toy of now gone Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge?

Or were they as some whispered a tool used to ratchet up insecurity when presidential approval ratings dipped?

Probably the only people that have forlornly noticed their absence are the makers of plastic wrap and duct tape.

But their sudden disappearance is curious, no?


Richard Campbell said...

They are still here. Check anything at, like the current threat level.

griftdrift said...

Yes but when is the last time you saw someone on TV pointing to the big color coded chart?

I suppose Chertoff has bigger fish to fry at the moment.