Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An Iraqi View Of The Death Squads

I first commented on the apparent appearance of death squads in Iraq here.

A post by river at River Bend Blog seems to confirm that Iraqi's not only believe there is little certainty in the ability of their government to keep from splintering but that in fact the Iraqi security forces may already be choosing sides.

"It confirmed what has been obvious to Iraqis since the beginning- the Iraqi security forces are actually militias allied to religious and political

This followed a televised warning to not comply with orders of any security forces unless they are accompanied by coalition forces.

As river noted, how do you not comply when armed gangs simply burst in your door?

I first saw this at The Daily Dish. John Deere cap tip to Andrew Sullivan.


Sara said...

God I hope this doesn't turn into Rwanda.

griftdrift said...

Or Somalia on a grander scale.

A country divided into three parts by three ethnic groups.

Warlords controlling the only urban areas.

U.S. troops stuck in the middle not knowing who is friend and who is enemy.

Sound familiar? That's Somalia in 93.