Monday, March 27, 2006


It's day one at Drifting Through The Grift. I will probably spend most of the day setting up all the bells and whistles around the place but I thought a little introduction is in order.

You may call me griftdrift.

Little g. Little d. But I'm really not that picky. Over the years I have been called griftd, grifted, grifter, gritty, gitty and dumbass. The last one I believe would be the most frequent.

The plan is to make Drifting Through The Grift a political blog. Yeah, I know, there are only about 2 billion political blogs in existence. So why do we need one more?

We don't.

Here is where I should put something pithy about how being a country born, city living, moderate libertarian who is pro-choice, loves NASCAR, hates the death penalty, loves gun and can probably drink you under the table makes for more interesting reading and for this if for no other reason you should read me every day.

Given that you can find blogs by conservoliberal transgender polygamist who demand freedom to frog gig, I ain't gonna blow too much smoke about me being different.

But if you find the rambling thoughts of an old wandering pool hustler who knows a thing or two about politicking, I hope you'll stick around and see what trouble we can get into.


Anonymous said...

Hi, griftd. Is this going to replace The War Room at Carp Circles? Will you resurrect Idiot of the Day?

Good luck to you!

Hollywood Don said...

Hey.....I got one of these too this morning....still trine to figure out how to post a pic rat....enjoyed yesterdee..hope I didn't grab any waitress body