Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Name Your Ten Worst Oscar Winners

Eddieonfilm is running an email poll to determine the worst Best Picture winners of all time. Instructions and the list of all the Best Picture winners can be found here.

griftdrift's submitted worst top ten:

10. Oliver! (Okay, I just hate musicals in general)
9. Million Dollar Baby (Just for the gross scene with the welfare mom)
8. The Sound Of Music (Musical again)
7. Out of Africa ( I can't believe I liked this when I was younger)
6. Rain Man (Oooo I'm going to get some bad email over that one )
5. Chariots of Fire (Dudes running in the surf. yikes)
4. Forrest Gump (Great soundtracks but millions of yuppies got some more unneeded self-importance)
3. Midnight Cowboy (very overrated)
2. The Greatest Show On Earth (Ye gods, a circus film)
1. Ordinary People (Beating Raging Bull is the biggest injustice in Oscar history)

Tip on the hat to Michael Sticking at The Reaction for spotting this.


Richard Campbell said...

I can't go for 10, but I'll give three I think you sadly overlooked, in reverse chronological order. My theme seems to be "too damn long."

Titanic. There's a good 30-minute movie in here. Unfortunately, the damn thing is 3 hours 14 minutes long.

Dances With Wolves. 3 hours (in the theatrical version; the director's cut is 4 hours 26 minutes) of explaining exactly how the Noble Red Man got Done Wrong by the US gummint. Yay.

Amadeus. 2 hours 40 minutes. And you get to hear Tom Hulce do an annoying giggle as Mozart every 15 seconds or so...that's over 500 times through the course of the movie.

griftdrift said...

You know you cried when old lady died at the end and floated into the ghost ship to meet her long popscicled lover.

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