Thursday, March 30, 2006

Enjoy The Good Things

A moment of zen.

I'm still keeping track of things in the world. In this age of wireless devices cutting the umbillical is becoming more and more difficult. Even without access to the internet through normal means, I can still read the news on this little handheld device. The temptation to check on things is just too great.

Last night though I cut everything off and took the time to walk outside my little cabin in the woods of south Georgia. The stars were no longer masked by the haze of the big city. The only sounds were crickets and frogs.

Looking up at the stars feeling the cool spring air thoughts of the long con of politics and modern society faded away. I knew that in other parts of the world there were people staring up at the same night sky I was enjoying. But for a few moments everything seemed very far away. It was a comfort.

Awareness of your world is essential, but don't let it overwhelm the simple goodness of staring into a spring night.

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