Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Protests Continue

Protests that began over the weekend are continuing into the work week or in this case the school week. The L.A. Times is reporting approximately 14,000 high school students have walked out of class in protest of what they perceive as the anti-immigrant storm brewing in Washington.

The immigration issue is a thorny one that I don't feel ready to tackle just yet. Apparently I am not alone. Many want to paint this in the stark black and white of it's illegal so there is no middle ground. In most election years this would be a no-brainer for the law and order set. But as I think we will continue to see, this ain't no ordinary election year.

In my home state of Georgia, the more conservative of our two Republican Senators, Saxby Chambliss appears to be dancing through a mindfield. Although Chambliss represents the entire state, he is from south Georgia and it is no secret that he leans towards his agricultural constituents. He is certainly towing the party line of the borders must be secure but he is also warning fellow GOPers that draconian measures could leave "produce...rotting in the fields".

The MTV crowd paying attention to current events for more than 10 minutes? Republican politicians arguing for amnesty for law breakers?

This story promises to get more and more interesting. Stay tuned.

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