Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crime Rampant In Roswell

But the po-lice have it under control.

A challenge. Without using the bible, someone explain to me why gambling should be illegal.

The next time you hear about the po-lice being strapped for resources, remember this story.


Sara said...

I think these days the rationale behind outlawing gambling isn't biblical, it's that same patronizing notion of protecting people from themselves. If gambling is an addiction for some then we need to protect all from gambling away their measly assets.

And yes, I recognize that we already allow certain addictive behaviors that have far more dire consequences than gambling. I didn't say it was consistent or made sense, just that I think this is the mindset of the gambling opposition. It's the same dumbasses who want to outlaw fattening foods to save fat people from themselves.

Garrett said...

(Private) Gambling should be illegal so that the state can maintain its own monopoly on the, er, horrible, vile practice.

I win.

griftdrift said...

An excellent point Garrett!

But you added your own qualifier. Naughty, naughty!

No gold star for you!