Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Should We Believe You Now?

John McCain appears on The Daily Show.

The hideous hypocrisy of Jim Wooten's article this morning has nearly left my tank empty. So just follow the link, watch the video and if you are of the Republican persuasion answer this question.

Why should we believe your predictions of the future when you predictions of the past have been so catastrophically wrong?

You want to be the party of accountability? Be accountable.


Fearless Leader said...

"A nice little IED to put under yer desk, there."

The jokes keep coming, don't they. Falls right in line with the "Bomb Iran" song.

For the longest time, I felt something akin to sympathy for McCain. The personal strafing he suffered in 2000 was incredibly unfair, the perfect example of a smear campaign. But I'm done.

Maybe the man is suffering from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, having become they that once sought to capture and destroy him, but I don't care.

griftdrift said...

Let's not forget bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran. But that's just a joke right?

So how many times have we heard the "Dean Scream" in the past two years?

Cynthia said...

I watched that last night,and I just have this to say: agree or disagree, but when you host a show, PLEASE don't talk at the same time as your guest. It is annoying and rude. High School Debate Club 101: each person should speak their piece uninterrupted.

Honestly, I thought Jon Stewart came off as idiotic as McCain.

On the other hand, Samantha Bee two nights ago calling Mother Nature a "dirty whore" was priceless.

Sara said...

And yet Rudy has the audacity to suggest that a Republican president will be better suited to prevent another 9/11 while a Democrat will just let it happen.

They are full of shit and they still believe the louder they yell their shit, the more people will believe it. But we've finally figured out (most of us anyway) that it all just stinks.