Saturday, April 21, 2007

Evolve Or Die

It is not the destination, it is the journey. ~Zen proverb

The beauty of the blog is how one blip of the RSS feed can lead you down a rabbit-hole of links.

Today, I noticed an interesting headline accompanied by one snarkily tasty graphic at The Moderate Voice. An aside. TMV provides some of the best media coverage and commentary around. If you aren't reading TMV, you should be. But back to that headline.

Shawn Mullen tags his latest post, "Growing The Journalist-Blogger Relationship". Given the travails of the local fishwrapper, my curiousity carried me through the RSS feed and onto the main page of TMV. Shawn's article led me to the blog of Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News. Which then led me to this 2005 article by Bunch.

We are, and can continue to be, the front-line warriors of information -- serving up the most valuable commodity in a media-driven era. But that means we must be the message, not the medium, and so we must adjust to give consumers news in the high-tech ways that they are asking for, not the old-tech way that we are confortable with...If we don't change, we will die - and it will be our fault.
Follow the links and read the whole thing. Then go to your local media sites and judge for youself. Who gets it and who doesn't?


mgjr said...

Laura Fries at AAN has a great post that, while not counter to this does serve as a side point about MSM. She talks about why the Virgina Tech Shooter used NBC when he obviously had the skills to use youtube, blogs, etc..

griftdrift said...

That's a pretty fascinating take Murray. Going to promote that link to the main page.