Monday, April 16, 2007

My Morning Wooten

Back to back with Boortz!

Of course Jim couldn't avoid commenting on the Obama rally.
In the Obama story I kept looking for the name of some Democrat from outside I-285. Didn’t see it. Not entirely surprising.

Of course it's not surprising. But not due to Obama's liberal tendencies as Jim posits. I originally thought about commenting on how fear-mongers such as certain pundits at the AJC present inside the perimeter as a wasteland of crime and corruption but then I remembered something Jon Stewart once said, "Extremists run the country, because moderates have sh*t to do". A saturday afternoon. Intemperate weather. Little league games. Planting gardens. But the real reason rural Democrats didn't drive 100 miles to show up at the Obama rally is he's a hippie. Uh-huh.

Speaking of hippies...
For a fresh-face Democrat, Obama sounds an awful lot like one of the anti-war hippies of the bygone era which, alas, may be the only way any Democrat can win the party’s nomination... The war in Iraq, Obama said Saturday, is about “an administration that is trying to preserve its own political viability.” That’s the entrenched cynicism that has come to define the national Demcrats, the jaded and the fresh-faced alike. New face, same pitch.

I guess Obama is also speaking for all those hippies that consititute over 60% of the electorate who basically agree with his position. Must be a lot of bongs being passed around.

Then again, with the insistence of some in trotting out the same old tired rhetoric, maybe we're not the ones smoking.

To judge for yourself about the Obama rally, check out Amani's excellent report here.

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Pokerista said...

I guess "hippie" is the new codeword to marginalize those who are opposed to the war? If we don't love useless wars in quagmires a half a world away, we must all be dope smoking anarchists?

These are the times when it becomes obvious that the intelligence of the American electorate has just passed dinosaurs like Wooten by entirely. Too bad he didn't take the buyout because he's clearly racing down the back slope towards obsolescence.