Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tondee's Tavern

My buddy Jon Flack is starting a new group blog Tondee's Tavern.

Here is a segment of the New Georgia Encyclopedia on the original Tondee's Tavern.
Events of that summer, however, made Tondee's Tavern the hub of revolutionary sentiment. On August 10, 1774, despite a ban from the governor, delegates from every parish convened at the tavern, where Tondee himself stood at the door with a list to keep out intruders. Though failing to elect delegates to the Continental Congress, the meeting passed resolutions and organized as a general committee to correspond with other colonies.

This new tavern promises to be unabashedly partisan and probably a little revolutionary. Always good to have a new voice in the Georgia community and how can I resist one that's a bar? The Tavern is going up on the roll.

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