Monday, April 16, 2007

The Speed Of Rhetoric In The New World

I'm watching coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings and immediately my mind wanders to the question of how long will be before both sides of the gun control issue start chirping. Turns out it didn't take long.

Glenn Reynolds wonders how it could have been different if a student or professor had been armed. Let the countdown begin until we see the N.R.A. using this incident to resurrect S.B. 43.

It should also be noted the other side is not silent. A reporter at the White House briefing asked if President Bush would consider a federal minimum age on the purchase of a handgun. Based on the evidence so far, a law which would have accomplished absolutely nothing in Blacksburg. Maybe there should a federal three strikes law on reporters asking idiot questions.

Is it too much to ask both sides exhibit restraint while bodies are still warm and victims are still bleeding?


Jen said...

If there's one important lesson I've learned in my job, it's this: Gun laws do not prevent the crazy or criminal from acquiring a gun.

mgjr said...

Amen to that. Gun laws are like locking you door. A minimum that must be done but won't stopped the determined criminal.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me last night if I was going to write about a recent gun bill in Virginia on my blog as a result of the shooting yesterday. It is sad that every event, especially the tragic, has to be politicized immediately.