Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Conservative On "Darwinism"

Let me clear up a few things for you, Jonah.

Goldberg: "I have problems with the uses and abuses of Darwinism, which is merely one theory of evolution."

There is no "Darwinism". "Darwinism" is a made up term used by creationists to portray the science as some sort of philosophical view. And what are these other theories of evolution? There are certainly different theories of the mechanics of evolution but the core theory of the change of allele frequencies over time has no competition. Once again, another creationist tactic to present a view that this particular science is a buffet where you may pick and choose as you please.

Goldberg: "One of the most fascinating things about the debate over evolution is the obsession with biology, and there are reasons for it."

Yes, there is a one very good reason for it; evolution is completely about biology. It has nothing to do with the creation of the Universe, the creation of the Earth or even the creation of life on Earth. Evolution deals with what happens to life after its already here. Nothing more.

Jonah, you state categorically in the beginning that you do not believe in creationism or intelligent design. Then, why do you so easily fall back into these creationist canards? Because it is the easy thing to do? To simply fall back on sycophantic political platitudes?

I believe Jonah Goldberg when he says he believes in evolution. I also believe his making such a hash of evolution in this interview shows how far we have fallen behind in our science education. A result which can be directly attributed to the continued attack on science by the people Goldberg routinely defends.

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