Thursday, May 03, 2007

Random Thoughts

I seem to have a lot on my mind lately but little focus to my writing. At least it's not a complete block. So here are some random firings of the synapses.

- Four years ago, there were plenty of good people who stood up and said, "this is stupid and will result in tragedy". We were called un-American. We were called un-patriotic. We were called traitors. We were right. You were wrong. Get used to hearing it.

- Once there was a civilization who believed the highest form of honor was to drive a stake in the ground, attach a strap of leather to the ankle and remain unmoved in the face of an enemy. Never taking an opportunity to attempt alternatives. This civilization is rightly remembered as brave and noble. They were also nearly wiped from the face of the Earth.

- Principles and ideaology are easy in the abstract. Perhaps you are against then death penalty but then a family member is horribly murdered. Perhaps you are for the legalization of drugs but then the horror of meth ravages your family like a plague of locusts. You might be surprised that real-life situations instead of causing principles to waver actually cause them to strengthen. It still doesn't make sleeping any easier.

- Poker is a journey. You can play for hours and then one slip of the mental transmission and it is all over. There are those who are good at playing the big stack. Those who are good at playing the small stack. There are grinders. There are loose cannons. No matter how the game is played or the occasional slip of the transmission, it must be played without fear and the belief that all has purpose. But do not confuse purpose with all encompassing necessity of success. Success is judged by how you proceed in the journey. Not journey's end.

- It's over 80 degrees and the air is full of smog and pollen. I still prefer it to snow.

That's all for now. Maybe more later.


Anonymous said...

You've been reading too much Wooten... now you're starting to organize your thoughts like him!

(low blow, I know)

Anonymous said...

Sister-in-Law told wifey and I to "move to Germany" days after asshole strutted around on the aircraft carrier. Guess which of the three of us is the biggest "liberal" now?

Yep, nobody is a bigger Bush hater than sister-in-law.

possum said...

You're way wrong: Pollen is worse than snow.