Thursday, May 31, 2007

N.R.A. Endorses Whitehead

Jeff Emanuel of Peach Pundit reports the N.R.A. has endorsed Jim Whitehead for the 10th District.
you have earned an “A+” rating from the NRA-PVF. We urge our members and other gun owners and sportsmen to vote for you for Congress on June 19th.

Well, after the N.R.A.'s shenanigans this past April when they sent their personal thug down to the General Assembly to threaten legislators with an "F" grade if they didn't vote properly on the insane "bring your gun to work" bill, I think we all know just how honest and open those grades are.

Here's one gun owner and sportsman who thinks about as much of an N.R.A. endorsement as what I just left in my toilet.

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