Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taking Shipp A Bit Further...

Bill Shipp has a grand idea. With the rumors of Clark Howard running for Mayor of Atlanta, why not aim a little higher?

So, Clark, forget mayor. Being governor is a much better job. You can help many more folks who really need help. And you'll have your own state air force. You won't have to go to Birmingham anymore to find cheap flights.

My first thought is what a faboo idea! Then the cold, hard political reality splashes me in the face. The mayor's race is non-partisan. The governor's race is not. This means in order to shoot for the moon, Howard would have to either sell his soul to one of the evil twins we call Ds and Rs or garner enough signatures of registered voters to run as an independent.

But wait a minute. Is there any person in Georgia more likely to gather the requisite John Hancocks?

Heck, we have our first Republican governor in like forever and we see how well that works. Why not an independent?

So yes, I am all prepared to plant some Clark For Georgia yard signs, but Clark? Do it the way you have always done it. Do it your way. No strings attached.

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