Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Immigration Redux

This morning, my friend Wilson Smith challenged me to do some research on immigration. We had just concluded a spirited discussion on the subject on his radio show. To my never ending amusement, when the podcast of my recording is placed on his web site, it likely will be directly beneath D.A. King's.

Immigration has already become a flash point in the 10 district race. It will be the issue in the 2008 Senate race. And as I told Wilson, it is a murky area where disagreement reigns even amongst the most ardent of party faithfuls. For these reasons, you are assured to see a great deal of future coverage on the issue in these parts.

The latest furor also reminds me of something I wrote last November.
President Bush and the Democrats agree on the basics of immigration reform. As with welfare reform they simply need to smooth out the edges. Find places to compromise. Show the American people that they indeed can work together...It's a unique opportunity for everyone to win. The Democrats pass important bi-partisan legislation demonstrating they can work with the President. President Bush has something besides Iraq on which to hang his legacy hat.

Sound familiar?

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