Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jim Wooten Has Lost His Mind

Nothing new for these parts, eh? Well, looney is as looney does.
Next year gridlock gets worse. The I-75/85 Downtown Connector gets repaved. That strip should be double-decked. Or tunneled. It is absolutely essential to develop a way to move traffic through Atlanta. It’s a nightmare bottleneck for north-south traffic.

Double decker highways? Tunneling? Can anyone, especially you so called conservatives, explain to me how anyone with a lick of sense can say these are reasonable solutions to moving traffic through Atlanta? Feel free to use cost or safety as one of your assuredly salient points.


Sara said...

Tunneling just guarantees you a bottleneck even worse than the current highway. Ask Boston. The Big Dig was almost completely at capacity as soon as it opened, and is expected to exceed capacity by the end of the decade. So basically they spent 20 years digging a gigantic pain in the ass hole under the city that is overburdened and needs to be expanded right after it's complete.

And don't even get me started on the part where it also kills people.

Also, as someone who lived through it, I can safely say that the traffic headaches that the construction of a double decker or a tunnel would cause for the next 2 decades would be infinitely worse than any repaving project could ever be.

What a freaking moron he is.

rusty said...

There's no traffic proposal more batshit crazy, wasteful and ineffective I can think of than trying to build a fucking tunnel.

Flannery O'Clobber said...

Yeah, well, Jim's not that imaginative. He's a big fan of adding pavement to cut down on congestion. Which would be fine if it actually worked.