Sunday, November 25, 2007

Georgia Gang Howler Of The Week

We've got two today.

Dick Williams:
Our friend at Peach Pundit, Erick? What's Erick's last name? He criticized the gang or some of his people did, because we don't talk enough about local politics and we're not specific enough. And you know he closed up his shop Tuesday for Thanksgiving and we're here talking politics. I want him to know that.
Well, even though Erick is King Daddy over at Peach Pundit, he ain't the be all and end all. There are several front page contributors and if Dick, self-admittedly technologically challenged, actuallly read the site, he would see there were several posts during the Thanksgiving holiday.

And for comparing a blog which produces content daily to a once a week, 20 minute talking bobblehead television show, Dick, you get a gift basket of apples and oranges.

And the Phil Kent streak continues...
And my loser again still is last week's loser, Sonia Murray. I still couldn't figure out her column in the Access's just unitelligible.
You know. The obsession with Sonia Murray is bordering on creepy.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Phil Kent. And I do agree that making two consecutive mentions of Murray as his "weekly loser" is a bit much. But I went back and objectively read some of her work. And the fact is that her writing is very poor for someone published in a major daily. Shouldn't we be honest about this?

griftdrift said...

I've read her work also and I disagree that it is "very poor". And it's not about honesty. That's a deflection. It's about context. Three times in the last six months, two weeks in a row, Kent has used a political commentary show to take shots at one particular journalist at the AJC. And it's not the political insiders. Or an editorial page writer. It's the music critic. That's not honesty. That's somebody with an agenda. Why won't Kent be honest about that?

Sara said...

I looked up a couple of her articles this morning just to see what the hell everyone was so negative about. She's not bad at all, in fact I think her casual style fits her purpose and audience very well. And you know I'm tough as hell when it comes to writing.

But if we're going to start bitching about bad writing in the AJC, then I better hear the name Jim Wooten come out of Phil Kent's mouth sometime soon...

Anonymous said...

Would it do me any good to present samples of her work? I ask this question in a forthright fashion. If minds are closed on this subject, I don't want to waste my time. I reiterate that I don't like Phil Kent. But this woman is very poor at expressing thoughts clearly written in the English language. Yes, she is just a music critic, but she writes for a major daily newspaper. She should produce more clearly written work. I truly believe that this is a fair comment. Again, I invite one and all to present samples of Murray's work if there are open minds on the subject.

griftdrift said...

Go ahead and present your examples, anon.

I'm always willing to look at things with a fair and open mind.

But having said that I had read Murray's work since she has been at the AJC and although it's not my cup of tea, I would not call it poor.

But that's really beside the point, isn't it? If Kent doesn't like her work, fine, say it once and be done with it.

Continuing to harp on it week after week brings to mind the allegorical hard-on and would indicate something deeper than the surface comment.

At least in my open mind.

Anonymous said...

One for starters....

Literally one of the first I looked up on Google. It's late so I don't have time to research further but will do so tomorrow and combine in one post so as not to hog bandwidth. Again, just trying to make an honest point.

Unknown said...

My girlfriend and I made a Thanksgiving table centerpiece for my mother last week. We used autumn leaves and holly.

I'd love to hear Phil Kent critique our centerpiece on Georgia Gang. Too leafy? Too messy?

It should be as relevant to viewers as his obsession with Sonia Murray.

griftdrift said...

The only thing I see wrong with that review is the inversion of the words has and occcasionally in the phrase "the exceptional vocalist has occasionally incredible things to sing". And inversion of that type is something I do frequently as I imagine all writers do. Usually its caught by a copy editor but maybe this time it wasn't.

The rest of the article is exactly the casual style Sara mentioned. Which in my mind is absolutely appropriate for the area its covering.

Not to the taste of everyone, but in my opinion not poor.

And despite Kent and Williams claim that Murray only covers "rap", I wouldn't call Jill Scott rap.

Since we're being open and honest and everything.

Anonymous said...

I am going to post a few more of Murray's articles and let them speak for themselves. I hasten to say that my opinion is not better than that of anyone else. If one thinks this is good writing, so be it. I merely gave my opinion. I have stated (repeatedly) that I don't like Phil Kent. This is true. i have also stated that Murray is not much worth serious discusson. I agree with Griftdrift and others that she covers music other than rap. Rap and hip-hop are not my cup of tea, but I recognize it as popular with the younger generation and am willing to let it be. I do find her coverage of rap subjects quite fawning, which I think is unbecoming of a critic. But, again, that is just me. Either way, I am done with this subject. Let the reader be the judge.