Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Wren's Nest

We have a disturbing tendency in this town to not appreciate our important cultural landmarks until they are on the very cliff of doom. Fox anyone?

Which is why you should take a listen to the Georgia Podcast Network's Mostly ITP episode with Wren's Nest Executive Director Lain Shakespeare. Also check out Wren's Nest Online.

In no small part due to the controversial Disney film Song Of The South, Joel Chandler Harris' monumental contribution to American culture may be the most misunderstood in our nation's relatively brief history. And I doubt most Atlantans realize the key to unraveling the knot of myth is easily discovered right over in the West End. To twist one of Lain's analogies, why would you rely solely on the atrocious Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor movie when you can go to the Arizona memorial?

Drop by and give Lain and the folks a visit. You just might learn sumpin.


Rusty said...

Thanks for the link Grift. We came across a copy of Song of the South after the interview and watched it. Movie review podcast forthcoming...

Open+Transparent said...

Would be cool for them to have a video tour