Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Morning Wooten: Post Debate Edition

Along with the rest of the political junkies, Jim watched the Republican YouTube debate last night. In a column littered with good time fun stuff, one howler in particular sticks out.

It still had some cheesy aspects to it. One, for example, was the invitation to the retired Army Reserve officer from California brought in make the case that the military should jettison its “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy.
Cheesy? At one point I must have blacked out and missed the segment where the officer ripped off his suit, sprinkled glitter on his face, pulled out a puppet and start squealing like Wayland and Madam.

Isn't it fascinating this is the seminal non-sequiter moment of the debate for Jim instead of the nihilistic yahoo from Texas who wanted to know what the candidates thought of the Confederate stars and bars.

Editor's note: Turns out the gay General is definitely a Hillary supporter and depending on your conspiracy theory flavor of the day, may or may not have been a plant.

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