Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poll Dancing

Rasmussen has a new poll on the strange meandering thoughts of the beast known as the Georgia voter.

Many will obsess on the big presidential hoo-hah. Not many surprises there. Republicans leading everywhere.

Instead, good friend, let us look at the bones a little further down the page. Let us look at the upcoming Senate race.

What immediately jumps out is the three Democratic contenders (Lanier was not polled apparently because he is still in explorer mode) hover in the low to mid 30s. That's a rather substantial leap from the Strategic Vision poll of two weeks ago which had all three somewhere between 26-28. The only explanation is either arcane statistical voodoo that only the geeks understand, mass acid dosing in the water supply or the numbers are starting to move. Given the state of water deprivation in the state, only the devil knows.

Then there's Vernon. The Dekalb CEO has a combined unfavorable rating of 54%! 31% rate Jones as very unfavorable. He is dangerously close to entering territory normally held by whore-mongering preachers caught in hotel rooms with their pants down.

What does it all mean? Only one thing. Politics is such a weird profession that there exist a whole subset of tradesmen who peer relentlessly at every smidge of data.

Oh, and there is another thing. It means the election is still a year away. Anything can happen.

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