Wednesday, November 07, 2007

GREAT Plan Non-Exemptions

Boy Wonder Macon reporter Travis Fain has acquired a list of items which will no longer be exempt from Sales Tax under Speaker Richardson's GREAT plan to eliminate ad valorem taxes.

To review the full list, see here.

A few that caught my attention with my comments in parenthesis.

sale of lottery tickets (Wonder how that will sit with Republican friend Wooten)
sales of sod grass (I can think of another grass which would generate beau coup revenue if ever legalized)
sales of certain equipment used by diabetics (That's going to be popular)
fees for service rendered by repair professionals (And you thought your plumber was ripping you off now)
gross revenue from coin operated amusement machines (I predict a devastating recession in the claw game industry)

It's a fascinating list and it's good we are finally getting some details. Given the breadth and depth of the effects I can only reach one conclusion. January is going to be a banner month for the lobbyist profession.

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