Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 4


*Not a lot happened today so maybe we'll have a lot of bands playings, pages being photographed and funky resolutions.

*David and Nwandi both on the set. Audio working. Best start so far. And I take back what I just said since the technical difficulties from yesterday probably means we're going to have a lot of Eggs and Issues Breakfast filler.

* Revenue estimates. This session is all budget all the time. Sen. Jack Hill, appropriations chair, has charts, cool! Uh oh, all the squiggly lines seem to be going down. Not cool.

* Rep. Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta) is talking about all the people boarding busses for jaunts to Victoryland. We need some homegrown gambling! His bill would allow the citizens to vote on the measure

* It's Dr. King's birthday and Governor Perdue is issuing a proclamation. Second mention of Nemehiah this session. Old Testament prophets are in vogue this year.

* Minoo!

* Education time. Kathy with a K Cox, State Superintendent and game show whiz, supports merit pay for Math and Science teachers. Why am I thinking this is the issue none of us saw coming but will boil over?

* More rules. Told you they were going to have to stretch to find interesting stories. Sen. Steve Thompson (D-Marietta, he's still a Democrat?) is talking about cross-over day being changed. Sausage making at its finest. There's one blogger I know that this kind of stuff probably titillates.

* Trauma Care. The special commission to study this says we need more trauma centers, especially south of Macon, durh.

* Casey time! And it's the same thing he said about trauma centers three days ago.

* Tort Reform. Our first Eggs and Issues clip. There was actually a very reasonable discussion on this issue at Peach Pundit. Get thee there and read. Bottom line this seems a loser to Democrats, some Republicans and the Libertarians. Judge those bones on your own. Wagering may be taken later.

* There are three bills regarding using cell phones while driving! Maybe I should take wagers on which one of these crosses the finish line first. It appears they got b-roll from a nearby AT&T store.

* Oh lord! Bobby Franklin. Get ready for a ride on the crazy train. Franklin submits his abortion bill every year and vows to continue to do so. HB1 was defeated last year 152-2. Will likely get the same result this year. That is all.

* Digital TV is coming! Apparently the legislators are the only people in the country who didn't know thus requiring a special meeting to explain how the new fangled technology works.

* And the MLK tribute continues and it is good. And with business done I will enjoy it without further comment. Back again tomorrow. For now that's a wrap.


Anonymous said...

umm the big story of the day was that the leader changed a whole lotta peoples committee assignments and a whole lotta them ain't happy

griftdrift said...

Ummmmmm it wasn't covered by Lawmakers. Probably because that level of sausage making is only interesting to us political insiders.