Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers

Day 3 - State Of The State

* Oh God. Public television doesn't have commercials

* They are doing the entire speech. You can watch here. I'll be back in 30 minutes.

* Now the Democratic Response. Which I was invited too (ahem Republicans, pick up the slack on the invites) but could not attend.

* Presumptive candidate Dubose Porter - "Parents and teachers are calling for help for our schools but instead, we built boat ramps" BOOYAH!

* Whoa. Now talking about horse parks in Houston County (home of Governor Sonny). The Dems are coming out swinging.

* "In Perry, we're building a fish pond". Damn, DuBose has the come-to-Jesus face on. It's about damned time.

* Now we come to the plan. This is usually where the Dems lose it. But he's already mentioned Education and Transportation so maybe this time the Dems have come to play.

* We're into begging for Obama dollars. Not good.

* We must work with Washington is not something a politician in Georgia should ever say.

* Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. Democrats need to stop pushing numbers and be more righteous.

* Now we're into the guns and butter. I'm pretty sure we've heard all this before.

* I'd like a little preachin' here. It ain't happenin'

* Just saw a lobbyist in the background shot. They're like kudzu.

* Minoo!

* GAE lobbyist. I'll take gimmees f0r $400, Alex

* Watching the background in these interview shots is like watching DragonCon in an alternate universe.

* I just saw another person I know. You would think I would have more scoops by now. I might be getting lazy.

* AARP Lobbyist. We must be in Double Jeopardy where the scores can really change.

* Sen. Nan Orrock speaking for trauma care. It's going to happen this year. We just have to see what form it takes. Which reminds me. Where's Sen. David Shafer? He's gotta make a splash soon.

* Looks like Doug Stoner is the camera face for the Dems today. Second time he's been on. Conscious choice or just a nose for the bright lights?

* IA in the house! Chuck Clay gets the closing interview.

* "Education is the critical buzzword". Can someone tell me when it wasn't the buzzword?

* They're going to talk about Digital Television and child prostitutes tommorow. Can't wait. That's a wrap.

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