Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers


* Audio's working today. That's good.

* And the glitch-free live broadcast didn't last long. Nwandi Lawson is not on the set.

* Eggs and Issues breakfast called a "tasty event". Oh my.

* The breakfast has a clear podium which looks a little bizarre. Hope everyone's socks match. Governor Perdue doesn't look comfortable with that much exposure.

* Protestors at the Capitol. Seems early for the picketing to start. They don't want Georgia Power to get money for power plants before they are finished.

* Ahhh the protestors purpose becomes clear. They're anti-nuke and the two new plants are nuke. They are holding large pink cardboard cooling towers that vaguely look like pigs with lipstick. Points for the clever.

* One protestor claims they're worried about the cancer. Republican Don Balfour disagrees and seems a little incredulous at the reasoning. Maybe later in the session we'll get anti-cell phone protestors.

* Senate Democrat Robert Brown - "This is not the time to whine". He's talking about the lack of committee chairs from the minority party. We're hearing a lot of "unity" talk this session.

* Rep. Cecil Staton (shout out to crazy Macon!) re-affirms the need for trauma centers. Despite the budget crunch there seems to be a lot of push behind some programs that are going to cost big bucks.

* More Casey! Speaker Richardson's gonna have harsh words for GPB if this continues. Once again, no gun brouhahas to muddy the waters.

* Oh lord. Lawmakers is one hour tomorrow. I'm going to get carpal tunnel.

* Reporters are so bored they've already started talking to lobbyists. Those guys and gals will talk to anyone. I even had one talk to me last year. Once he got past his skepticism, he gave me quite an earful.

* Back to the breakfast. The editing on this is giving me whiplash. More Casey! Is the equal time clause still in effect or did that go the way of the Fairness Doctrine dodo? I may have to start a running clock on Casey time.


* More lobbyists! Lord help us, it's D.A. King! We're already down to talking to the firebrands (I'm trying to be kind here)? We have 38 more days of this mess?

* South Cobb band playing. They're going to the inauguration, you know.

* The Casey time is explained. They are having technical issues showing the tape of the other speakers at the breakfast. Solution? More Casey!

* Load up the whole interview and let it roll! Seven minutes with the Lt. Gov. Now that's how you stretch during a glitch. And with the end of our daily Casey Time, that's a wrap.

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