Monday, January 05, 2009

This Means War!

I can't stop looking and laughing. That map is a hoot.

I don't give WMCC enough play. It's some of the best satire in the state and brings forth an underexposed truth - Macon is a very weird place.

The border "war" between Bibb and Monroe counties is quite serious. Well, at least as serious as our impending War of the Waters with Tennessee. You see, the big ol' Bass Pro Shops with its oodles of tax money sits in the disputed area.

Fishing. Guns. Outboards. Money. It's difficult to imagine a seriouser combination.

Count on WMCC to be there when the northern aggressors cross the Bolingbroke line.

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Anonymous said...

I predict that the next great southern fiction writer will come out of Macon, GA. That place is one large basket case. I once paid good money, while visiting lovely Macon, GA, for what is quite possibly THE most hideous perfume ever created. Why? Because the delightfully psycho owner of the marvelously bizarre store selling said perfume told me such an outrageous tale about the origins of the aforementioned perfume (it's called "Seeds From The Countess Sonda" and it's made from wheat. Yes, wheat.) that I, naturally enough, had to own a bottle. I'd never dare to open the packaging for fear just one whiff of the odor would escape, but I keep it on my desk as a reminder that when I think I'm getting kinda flaky-southern-in-the-head I really have a long way to go - by Macon, GA standards.