Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 8

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 8

* Secret Squirrel says, I was pretty close on my analysis of the live shots. Technical difficulties (does the First Amendment prevent them from holding an exorcism?) have limited the good folks to a single live location. Hopefully in the future, they will have more locations and will not have to resort to frantic mic tossing and on the fly lighting adjustments. Considering they are damned near down to Dixie Cups and string, it's nearly a miracle they haven't missed a throw back to the studio.

* Now on with the show. There's the Gold Dome. There's Zelski in a jacket. Rock on!

* GPB Radio's Augusta bureau chief will be on for tonight's "Budget Crunch". Will there ever be an Atlanta segment or will they just force us to listen to five minutes of Vivaldi?

* T-SPLOST again. Our first live shots. It's more exciting and fraught with danger now, isn't it? Mullis is back. When he isn't acting the fool about our mutual ancestors or picking on the libruhls he actually makes a lot of sense.

* Whoa! Fancy effects of fast moving traffic on the connector!

* On to the hearings. Gena Evans in the house! And looking pensive. It's a crowded room. Other than the budget, transportation is the big 'un. Sen. David Shafer (R-Running for Lite Guv) has a piece of this action. Sen. Eric Johnson (R-Also Running for Lite Guv) is going to get jealous. Of course when we get to the Education, I bet we see quite a bit of the Savannah firebrand. Lot of meat in that report. It was a good 'un.

* Sen. George Hooks(D-Americus) is bringing up ethics legislation. Feel free to giggle now. Of course it has to do with Blagojevich. Did you really think we would make an entire session without hearing that name? The Senators look simultaneously bored and worried. Candidates have to report a campaign contribution within two days. Of course, we recently learned it's not all that clear what a contribution is is.

* Here comes another piece of poison. All us homeowners may have to write another check soon.

* Second live shot and it's Minoo!

* Damn the Senate Majority leader gets a nice chair!

* Chip Rogers (R-Big Mojo) says the Property Tax Relief Grant is a very convoluted way to administer tax relief. Let's all remember this moment when some of the local guys and gals start mewling over letting some of the "convoluted" federal tax cuts expire. There is going to be some serious squirming over this one.

* Rep. Winfred Dukes (D-Albany) introduced a constitutional amendment referendum to make homestead exemption permanent. This seems similar to the thing Sen. Steve Thompson introduced in the Senate yesterday. Which means I'm going to get emails tomorrow explaining all the arcane ways that make them not similar at all.

* Here's the radio spot. This might be the only opportunity for Atlanta people to hear this.

* They're talking about the property relief grant again. The counties want nothing to do with this thing. It's become an albatross. Not a drop to drink, baby. Not a drop to drink.

* The Poison Peanut Plant is coming home to roost. Jesus God! The FDA had to use terroism law to find out that salmonella sanctuary had discovered the tainted legumes but had not reported it! For God knows what reason, we don't have a law requiring food producers let us know if they are planning on spewing forth taint. Ag Commish Tommy Irvin (sporting a goatee! My man!) thinks we should change this situation. I predict quick passage.

* We're back to the weird Perdue hospital tax. This thing is so byzantine I'm afraid it will get lost in the wash.

* Sen. Dan Weber (R - Lifeline of Hope) always looks so earnest.

* I cannot believe the HBCU merger thing is still floating around. Someone find me how much money this will save. If it's more than Go Fish, I'll buy you a beer.

* Steve Davis (R - The Hudson Bridge Road Abomination) is actually talking about something other than transportation.

* Online poll results! This is new! Do you favor Stephen's tobacco tax, you know, the one he's talked about every day of the session? Results - 73% Yes, 27% No. But wait! There's a catch! Only 11 people voted. By my QBE educated calculations that's 8-3. For God's sake people, throw them a bone. Head over to Lawmakers and vote in the next poll.

* Technology Association of Georgia. I smell lobbyists. You would think their visuals would be better than Power Point bar graphs. They have a recommendation on how to improve our technology sector - I'll give you a hint - it's green, rectangular and has numbers in the corners.

* You need a prescription to get a flu shot. I didn't know that. The things you learn.

* The Jekyll Island hearing appears to have fewer attendees than the technology geek's hearing. That's a little sad.

* Rep. Doug Collins, just back from Iraq, has photos of his service. Pretty cool. They should limit the morning resolutions to stuff like this.

* Speaking of. The Senate honored Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson and ACC Player of the Year Jonatha Dwyer. Requisite boos and hisses from the resident puppies.

* Dubose tomorrow. Should be some good ol' fashioned politics. For now, that's a wrap!

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