Friday, January 09, 2009

In Today's Issue of WTF

Today, a channel 46 crew was in the lobby of City Hall East filming for an ongoing series about billing problems in the Water Dept. For reasons that are unclear, one of Atlanta's finest decides what the good publicity deprived department needs is for him to start cuffing the press.

Live Apartment Fire reports the APD admitted its error and Mayor Franklin issued an apology.

You can view the raw video here. It's a slice of Warholian weirdness.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I think APD Officer Dumb Ass should get an award of some kind. While he's a totally incompetent cop, he'd make a great PR person. His passion for arresting news crews on public property will go a long (media-related) way in bringing much needed attention to the total dysfunction at the water dept.

rptrcub said...

I guess APD has better things to do than actually, you know, prevent people from getting robbed and killed in Grant Park.

Unknown said...

Did you mean "Warholian" in the sense that it is unrealistic and borders on bizarre?

Or "Orwellian" as in governmental police power run amok.

I wonder because it seems to be both.