Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bloggerati Cometh

I doubled booked myself Monday night and chose bowling over bloggerati activity - possibly an indication of my state of mind regarding all media at the moment.

Channel 46 invited area bloggers to yet another "summit". Fortunately, my brothers and sisters attended and reported their thoughts. Most are surprisingly positive, but maybe expectations are low at this point.

Check them out here.

Mostly Media
My Urban Report
Blog For Democracy
The Buzz Blog

The conversation continues.


DM said...

Was not invited, I'll let one of the founders of the great, self-sustaining West Seattle Blog speak for me here...

"Every community has different needs, and must be served by someone who tailors the service based on what they learn in interaction with their community. I WISH that the people throwing money around would share some with those of us who are bootstrapping, rather than yet ANOTHER aggregator, or sharing site, or whatever. THIS is where the action is happening and the future is being paved. But I can't get a Whatever Grant to so much as give me the time of day. Just not considered sexy enough to be busting your butt uncovering and/or sharing information and news in real-time re: your community."

A.man.I aka The Urban Reporter said...

My expectations are rather low as well. I still don't appreciate how traditional news orgs feel that sharing their mainstream audience is a good substitute for compensation.

griftdrift said...

I wish I'd gone now.

And DM, we're going to start dragging you to these things. ;)