Monday, July 06, 2009

My Morning Wooten

The things you almost miss due to a holiday weekend.

This past Friday, Jim nearly slipped through a real lulu.
President Obama may not have been too quick to react to the Russian invasion of the Republic of Georgia or the bogus election in Iran, but he’s on top of the situation in Honduras, where the elected president was deposed for trying to thwart the Constitution. He’s either a slow study or fast to firmness on international affairs that don’t much affect our national security.
The Russians invaded Georgia? Did I somehow miss a major international event due to the tsunami of celebrity deaths? Nope. It happened in 2008. August 2008. Three months before the election and fully 5 months before President Obama was inaugurated. But it was a campaign issue at the time. The apparent lacking of alacrity referred to by Jim comes from then candidate Obama issuing a statement that mirrored the position of every world leader (including President Bush). John McCain, on the other hand, pretty much wanted to start shooting Russian tanks toot sweet.

Which leads us to Iran.

Although certain Conservative leaders desired a more firm response, they agreed that the Iran situation required delicate handling and the U.S. could not allow the theocrats to paint the crisis as U.S. provoked. Meanwhile the loons of the Kristol-Barnes axis, which Jim is apparently a member, believe if you ain't bombing, you ain't trying.

But at least those two arguments have some nuance. The final thrust, however, twists reality so far, it may be possible for Jim to view his own backside.

So, civil disorder in our own hemisphere doesn't affect our national security? The toppling of a government less than a thousand miles from our southern border doesn't affect our national security?

There once was a man who believed Central America was so vital to American security that he propped up a brutal dictatorship in one country (El Salvador) and some would say broke the law in an attempt to overthrow the government of another country (Nicaragua).

I guess Jim just doesn't think much of the Reagan Doctrine.

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