Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Morning Wooten

When I saw this headline - "Sarah Is The Conservative's Oprah" - I knew we were headed to la-la land.
Give her three years for the people south of Alaska to see and hear her and she’ll be the Oprah of the conservative movement. People like her. People listen. She connects. She’s real. Oprah picks the books people read. Sarah will pick the issues people discuss...The Left knows that. That’s why she frightens them
I'm not sure how we'd quantify it, but I'll take that bet.

I have to assume Jim somehow missed conservatives such as George Will who were left scratching their head over the odd resignation. The only "conservatives" who mindlessly cling to a person who thinks there is a "Department of Law" that protects the President is the Kristol-Barnes-Erickson nutjob axis of the Republican party.

And lest you think the Oprah analogy is an original idea, Reihan Salam pondered the possibility days ago.


Rusty said...

Nutjub? Is that taint sweat?

Sara said...

I've decided Sarah Palin is destined to become a prettier version of Pat Buchanan.

griftdrift said...

It would be a proud day for me if one of my typos turned into a genitalia euphemism.

Unknown said...

She doesn't frighten me. I hope she does stay in the limelight. I put her in the same category as Joe (sic) the Plumber, G. Gordon Liddy, and Ollie North, other freaks and criminals the right can't seem to avoid propping up as role models.

Role models must be hard to come by for them. I mean, Ronald Reagan? Criminal. John Wayne? He pretended to be a cowboy and that's what they remember about him. Who else do they even look up to? Teddy Roosevelt was too much of an environmentalist. Lincoln... ahhh, no. Arthur Laffer? Hack.